Structural Engineering

Superior Structural Engineering & Designs for Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Residential projects, large and small, new and renovation.

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Foundation Engineering

Advanced Foundation Engineering & Designs for a wide variety of soil and site conditions and structural requirements for complex new, repair or renovation/retrofit design projects.

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Eartquake, Forensic, Expert Witness and Consulting Engineering

Experienced in earthquake (seismic) assessment, engineering and design for new, renovation, repair and retrofit designs including Unreinforced Mansory (URM) retrofit design projects. Experienced in Forensic Engineering and Expert Witness work.

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Superior Engineered Solutions

Advanced engineering education plus years of engineering experience plus actual hands-on construction experience results in superior engineered solutions.  Superior engineered solutions result in higher quality and cost effective designs.  Higher quality and cost effective designs result in higher quality, on time, on budget construction. Higher quality, on time, on budget construction results in satisfied clients.

That is our goal.  That is our business model.